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22 July 2015
My children have been having classes at Lisa's studio for several years now, first with Lisa and more recently with Louisa. The work they produce is to a very high standard thanks to the fabulous tuition they receive, and what's more they have a great time!
23 May 2015
My children love their art classes and have produced some amazing pieces of art using various mediums. Lisa and Louisa are patient and fun teachers.
Lucy W
01 May 2015
Lisa has been great at providing that extra dimension to my AS art course. She has been very encouraging in giving me lots of ideas and inspiration to supplement my school studies. Thanks Lisa - it has made all the difference!
10 June 2014
During my GCSEs, I worked at Lisa's studio once a week on a Saturday morning. This time provided me with the skills and techniques to help me push my grade up and the relaxed atmosphere made for a perfect working environment. Lisa's teaching approach of giving her students space, materials, and encouragement to develop their own ideas balances individualism and independence with her own influences and skills effectively; perfect for headstrong students who are driven in imagination but often need help in tackling the barrier between imagination and the physical result. I found that although as a previously capable student, I gained basic drawing techniques, painting skills, understanding of colour and other essential skills aimed at improving my understanding of not only my GCSE course but also an invaluable understanding of the ever important ground basics. This in turn has allowed me to build on and continue my work to my desired outcome since; thanks Lisa!
K. Brown
27 June 2013
My daughter started art lessons at The Studio in Radford with Lisa just over 3 years ago and has loved every one of them. Lisa has helped her develop her art, try new techniques and to find the ones she really enjoys. We first came on an evening for 1.5 hours and now on a Saturday morning for 2 hours. Lisa treats each child as an individual and recognises not everyone enjoys doing the same thing. My daughter is now doing GCSE art and the time spent in lessons with Lisa has been invaluable as we all know this time can be particularly stressful, but being able to talk things over with Lisa and get advice from her has made it a lot easier.
O Emms
23 May 2013
My experience of being taught by Lisa: Taking GCSE Art was a must for me because art has, for as long as I can remember, been a favourite hobby of mine. Naturally I was concerned that the teaching would be good as even the most exciting subject can be made a struggle if you have an unimaginative teacher. I need not have worried
Nick King
06 May 2015
I've dabbled in watercolours for years with varying degrees of frustration. Within six months of starting Lisa's course, I've had the confidence to show some paintings at our village arts and crafts show, with lots of positive comments. Lisa excels at taking you outside your comfort zone, whilst giving you the confidence you can do it - the best way of learning.
Simon W
01 May 2015
Learning a new skill is always deeply satisfying. Doing it with Lisa in an atmosphere that is fun and encouraging makes it a pleasure. I can't recommend these art evenings enough...
C Orford
30 May 2013
Not only is Lisa a great artist she is a fantastic teacher. You always feel as though whatever you are doing is fitted to your individual needs. Oh and I should also mention that it is fun.
B Wholey
30 May 2013
Lisa is an outstanding teacher. Coming from a wide and diverse educational background I can say that she is one of the finest teachers I have had the privilege to meet and work with. She teaches to a very high standard and always considers the needs of her students on an individual level. Her ability to "home into" what her students' need puts her way above the norm. She brings enthusiasm, wide ranging skills, covering every possible "creative" experience, patience and her own unique intuition to all, from child to adult. She is a totally committed teacher who believes in bringing the creative experience to all.
I cannot see myself leaving her classes for a very, very long time!
P Davison
30 May 2013
The studio at Radford is a lovely place to work. I'm delighted with the improvement in my painting and I couldn't have done it without Lisa.
G Heaton
30 May 2013
I started going to Lisa's Thursday afternoon general art class only a year ago. It has been a marvellous journey from hardly having painted anything to becoming reasonably accomplished at oil painting. I am even happy to show my latest artworks to my friends! Lisa is an excellent teacher and good fun. She likes to encourage students to develop their own styles and try different approaches. And I just love the drive to her studio in the Oxfordshire countryside. Thursday is the highlight of my week!
30 May 2013
I have been going to classes with Lisa for three years. She is always enthusiastic, imaginative and most importantly patient! Classes are fun and it is nice to be in an environment where everyone is encouraged to develop their own style, though there is always a guiding hand when needed. I have learnt so much about drawing, painting, colour and composition and I would recommend her classes to anyone wanting to develop their creativity or just wanting to have a go!
K Wilson
28 May 2013
I've been taking classes with Luke on a Monday for nearly a year now. I really look forward to the weekly class. Luke is a great teacher and the environment is lovely. It's such a help to have all materials provided, and to be able to leave one's unfinished work there each week. Prior to this I spent a couple of years in one of Lisa's classes and learnt a lot and gained confidence. I have attended other classes in and around Oxford, but this is the best by far.
Sue Hensley - USA
07 October 2014
I had a most delightful art holiday with Lisa Bloomer on August 24-29, 2014, at her studio in Radford in the Cotswolds. The atmosphere was relaxed and inspiring with Lisa spending a lot of time with each student. Lisa introduced me to a new method of painting, which she knew from pure intuition that I would love. She is, in fact, the most intuitive person I have ever met, and she has surrounded herself with friends and students who are friendly and fun. Lisa also introduced me to new colors, using her method of mixing. To say that I learned a lot is an understatement.

I knew that I loved to paint, and I knew that I loved the Cotswolds. What I didn't know was that Lisa is an excellent teacher and the loveliest person you could ever hope to meet.
Rita Giudice
08 August 2014
The course far surpassed my expectations and in turn I was able to achieve much more than I would ever have thought possible. An excellent course well planned and well instructed by Lisa in a most delightfully relaxed atmosphere in a very beautiful setting.
08 August 2014
Six day landscape art holiday, July 2014 - Although I have some art experience, I class myself as a beginner. Lisa was very welcoming, demonstrated the use of different media and was always on hand to help. The peaceful studio is well equipped and there are picturesque landscapes a short walk away. The lunches and dinners provided by the adjacent farmhouse were enjoyable and well presented. I would recommend this holiday to artists of all abilities as Lisa gives sound tuition when required.
Olivia Emms
11 November 2014
North India Art Holiday - October 2014

Going on the Art Holiday to visit India with Lisa was an eye opening experience. The entire trip was planned to a T with just the right amount of structured activity and free time to sketch and explore, as well as teaching time with Lisa. We saw an amazing number of different places given the time frame of the trip (16 days). In some ways the trip seemed longer because of the amount of different experiences that we had. It felt that it was much shorter and the time flew because a good time was being had by all, we were so absorbed in what was going on. Our tour guide Abi, chosen by Lisa, was brilliant and had thought of everything and had all possible problems under control before they happened. India can feel chaotic and overwhelming to begin with to a westerner who has no experience travelling there before. Going on the Art Holiday with Lisa is the best possible way I can imagine introducing yourself to the amazingly different and diverse country that is India. I guarantee that you will return inspired.
Pam - London
18 August 2015
I have been reading a biography of Matisse and to have studied art in his home in Vence is an experience I shall never forget. Thank you Lisa and Louisa for your gentle and patient tuition, I feel my art can only improve. A lovely week full of happy memories.
Robbie - Oxon
15 August 2015
I am so pleased that I took the opportunity to attend the course in Vence. Lisa and Lousia put together a stretching and varied week of classes. We worked with different techniques and materials allowing us to develop and refine our skills. Combine this with good company and a lovely setting what else do you need. Thank you Ladies
Rita - London.
14 August 2015
This was my second art trip with Lisa but first time in Vence. What a privilege to be at the home of Matisse. With the gentle encouragement of Lisa and Louisa everyone improves to levels thought impossible to reach. Again my sincere thanks for your expertise and guidance and for giving me continued enthusiasm.
Juerg - Switzerland
12 August 2015
I attended a week of drawing & painting in Vence in July 2015. It was a wonderful week. I still can't believe what I learnt and how I progressed. All thanks to the subtle and low profile way of teaching and tutoring of Lisa and Louisa. Above that it turned out to be a very relaxed holiday, good company, delicious food and a true spirit of camaraderie (paticipants and the staff). Thank you Lisa.