A Unique Art Party Birthday Experience!

For a children's birthday - how about an Art Party for a completely unique experience? We can bring the art entertainment to you or you can bring the party members to one of our studio locations. What better way to spend an afternoon than for children to create something which they can take home as a souvenir of their time at your child's birthday? It will be a talking point for years to come!

Please note that the following options are suggestions for Art parties. You may choose your own dates, times and type of party (theme & medium). Why not provide a buffet, cake and beverages for the members of your party and enjoy these outside (weather permitting) or within the studio. 

Choose your own theme & medium

It's always helpful to be given some ideas as a starting point, hence the following brief list. Please do not be restricted in your thinking to just these though, as there are a multitude of creative possibilities!

  • Painting & Drawing
  • Crafts
  • Printmaking
  • 3D
  • Textiles

Prices - Minimum of 8 people

  • £18 per child (2 hour session) suitable for 5-7 year olds
  • £27 per child (3 hour session) suitable for 8 years+ 
  • £45 per child (6 hour session) suitable for 8 years+
  • Refreshments provided 
  • Discounts provided for larger groups
  • Tutor's travel expenses to be included